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Alison Bignell - genealogist and family history researcher

Alison Bignell (Senior Researcher)

I am a professionally qualified archivist, with a master’s degree in archives and records management and over 10 years’ experience of archive research based in Gloucestershire.

I first became interested in archives and family trees when I got a job in my local record office.  I found the best way to answer peoples’ queries about researching their families such as finding birth, marriage and death records, why a person didn’t appear on a census where expected, records of illegitimate children, where a person may have moved to locally, was by researching my own family tree, meeting these challenges and working out how to resolve them myself.  Then, as with most people, I got the bug!

Connecting with your past can be a powerful and liberating experience.  I strongly believe that understanding the earlier lives of people you may have known in their later years, or even discovering ancestors you knew nothing about, can enrich your sense of identity and lead to a better appreciation of those around you.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and working towards membership of the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA).

Andrew Griffin - Family History Researcher

Andrew Griffin (Research Consultant)

I am an archivist with over 30 years’ UK and international experience based in East Sussex.  I have a post-graduate qualification in archives and records management and have worked in senior positions in a number of national archives and specialist collections around the world.  These include the British Library’s India Office Records, which contain the archives of Britain’s connection with the Indian sub-continent and neighbouring areas before 1947.

I have also undertaken private research as an independent consultant and have numerous guidance materials, training manuals and professional literature.  Particular interests include UK and British Commonwealth archives.