Below is an extract from a 1748 agreement George Wegg of Colchester and the Reverend George Kilby of the parish of St. Nicholas, Colchester concernng the giving of alms to the poor.

 1748 agreement George Wegg of Colchester

The following is a transcript of the extract above;

This Ind[entu]re made the 2[n]d day of May in ye 21st year of ye Reign xt[c] / 1748 Between George Wegg of Colchester in the County of Essex Esq[ui]re / Eldest son & Heir of George Wegg the Elder late of Colchester aforesaid Esq[ui]re dec[eas]ed / [interlineated][end interlineation] / of ye one part & the Rev[eren]d George Kilby Minister of the parish of Saint Nicholas in Colchester / aforesaid of the other part Whereas the said George Wegg dec[eas]ed in & by his / last Will and Testam[en]t bearing Date ye 6th day of September / w[hi]ch was in the year of our Lord 1745 did give & devise unto ye Minister of the s[ai]d / parish of St Nicholas for the time being the sum of forty shill[ing]s a year for ever / to be issuing & payable out of his Moor in the parish of Saint James in Colchester / aforesaid & then in ye occupation of Thomas Essex and did thereby charge the s[ai]d Moor / & Estate with ye paym[en]t of the same accordingly which said Sum of forty shill[ing]s his / Will Desire & Directions were sho[ul]d by the said Minister be laid out in bread and distributed by six monthly divisions unto & amongst such old decrepid poor persons / 

Below is an expanded transcript of the beginning of the document;

expanded transcript 1748 agreement George Wegg of Colchester


We are able to photograph sites and places of interest, the following example helped to solve a nearly 90 year old family mystery.

Bamford Chapel, Rochdale, England

Bamford Chapel is an independent chapel established in 1801 with few surviving records available for research.  This meant that a visit to the chapel was needed to see if any useful information could be found.  When looking at the gravestones we found the headstone that we were looking for, photograph below, and were able to solve a nearly 90 year old mystery.  An elderly lady remembered visiting a church and grave when she was about 10 years old.  She remembered she went with her mother and it was a day's bus ride from her home, but other than this she could not remember where or why, just that it was an important trip for her mother.  After further research a theory became apparent, but could only be verified by visiting the Chapel.  The photograph of the headstone explained the story.

 Bamford Chapel, Rochdale Harriet Beverley nee Wolstenholme headstone

 Bamford Chapel, Rochdale


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