Client Testimonials


My mother was turning 90 and I really wanted to give her a detailed copy of our family tree as a gift.  However, after years and years of researching on my own, I reached a wall. I could not go any further than my great, great grandfather.  I was devastated.  I could not believe it.  Then, just several months prior to my mother’s big day, I was introduced to Alison.  Within weeks, she not only discovered new information but also the supporting backup.  Through Alison I was not only able to give my mother a gift that will last generations to come but also, as a bonus, cousins we didn’t know existed –another grandchild of my great-grandfather – how cool is that? Thanks Alison for making birthday gifts and dreams come true!
[AC, Bermuda]

Research Service 

I have been hugely impressed with Alison Bignell's research skills.  I had thought that my own researches into my family history had reached several dead ends but Alison, using British and Irish records, was able to break through and open up a whole new branch of my family that I never knew existed.  Alison's meticulous investigations were written up in a clear and comprehensive report which explained her findings in a set of logical steps, all illustrated with copies of the documents she had discovered.  I am happy to recommend Unmask the Past for their careful and professional work.

[JM, England]

Transcription and Interpretation Service 

I was fortunate to discover a family Will from the 1850s. However I could decipher very little of what the Will actually said, as it was written in archaic language and in hard to read handwriting. Alison was really helpful and transcribed the Will for me. She highlighted the most relevant lines from a family history point of view, transforming an illegible document into something really interesting and useful. Thanks for your help :-)

[SW, South Wales]