If you want to do the research yourself, have basic family history knowledge but need a plan to get started...

Research Plans

Our research plans give you some of the benefits of a professional researcher with minimal costs.  They can also help you to broaden and increase your knowledge and skills if you wish to dig deeper into your past.

This will help you track the progress of your project, identify next steps and make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Starter plan

For those who are just starting to research their family history our Starter Plan Design provides details of the most useful sources, how to access them and advice for next steps.

  • Starter plan - £25.00

Flesh on the bones

For those who have found out the basic details and wish to look at a wider range of sources to try and understand more about the lives their ancestors led, such as more details about wider family relations, how and where they lived, where they may have worked, any military service or legal proceedings.

  • Flesh on the bones plan - £32.00 ( based on 2 hours – 1 hour to review available sources + 1 hour to prepare the plan)

Breaking a brick wall

If you have hit a brick wall in your research, please get in touch. After an initial consultation, we can tell you if we can identify any new lines of enquiry.

  • Complex research project plan - (fee to be confirmed after free initial consultation