Tutorials and guidance

We offer 1-1 tutorials and guidance and can be in person, by telephone or over Skype.

Although there are many books and blogs available on the subject, when you are starting out, it can be easier to have someone to talk to, answering any queries as you go and providing specific advice.


Basic service - £32.00 (2 hour session)

For those with little or no pror knowledge of researching genealogy or archives, we provide an overview of the most commonly used sources and how to access them.

  • [Add on – ‘Starting out' research plan +£20.00]


Intermediate service - £48.00 (based on 1 hour prep time for targeted research, based on initial consultation, 2 hour session)

For those wanting to put more flesh on the bones, this session provides a guided exploration of less well known sources.

  • [Add on – ‘Flesh on the bones’ research plan +£20.00]


We can tailor the sessions to your specific needs.